Chiquita is a sweet 8 year old chihuahua.  She will be shy when she first meets people, but warms up quickly. She loves to lounge around and to sunbath. Chiquita will do great in a quiet home without small children.



Finn is an adorable and sweet 8 year old chihuahua  . he is very well mannered and friendly .


Santa is a handsome 9 year old rat terrier mix. He is well mannered and very easy going. He can be vocal and his bark sounds like he  is a seal, so he would not be a great fit in a condo/apartment

Coco and baily

coco and Bailey are two sweet and adorable chihuahuas

they are very bonded and love to snuggle under a blanket together .  Litte Coco is a bit of an escape artist who can easily scale a chain link fence – but only to come to be with you.


Sweet Pinto came to us very ill and emaciated . We worried if  he would survive . Not only did he survive he is thriving ! He has found his confidence once again and has learned to accept love . Unfortunately when he was neutered , doc found testicular cancer . We can only hope we got it all during the procedure





Francesca is an adorable chihuahua mix

While she loves pets and is very sweet amd wrel mannered and house trained  , she is nervous when you try to pick her up and fake bites , if only we knew what happened to her to make her this way.  She will need someone with the patience and understanding as she gets to know you , on her terms .