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We wish to thank Mr. Jeffrey Phipps..for his donation...he reupholstered the seat for Brutus...our Pet Emergency Transport vehicle...and did a fantastic job..we are well on our help save as many possible...thanks to the kindness of our we say "It takes A Village"..

DONATION        In appreciation, Our Gift to you

$100+ A pup autographed t-shirt & our newsletter

500 + A paver on the garden trail, in dedication of you or your loved one

1,500 + A garden trail paver and a dedicated stone in the memorial garden i in dedication of you or your loved one

2,500+ All of the above garden trail bench dedicated in your honor

5,000+ All of the above, honorable mention or logo , as you wish, on our web and social media sites, and pet emergency transport vehicle and a pup named in your honor as it’s sponsor. Distributing your marketing materials, as you choose, when taken to events

10,000 + All of the above and a quarantine building named in your honor

25,000 + All of the above , a quarantine building dedicated in your honor, monthly updates, no cost adoptions to you and your family,

50,000 + All of the above and a pup house building dedicated in your honor

100,000+ All of the above , and a Ribbon cutting ceremony in your honor

250,000+ All of the above and an annual pet adoption event in your honor

500,000+ All of the above, an end of year gala in your honor, a seat on our board

*Your privacy is important to us !

No Donor/ Sponsor information will be posted , shared, sold , or used in any way that would allow any outside party access to their information.

Unless we are notified that you wish for us to mention you or your company, to place your name or logo on any vehicle, website, advertisement or distribute your marketing materials at our events , it will not be posted or placed.

This page is in dedication of , and to  provide our sincerest thanks to, all of those who help us to help them .  Everything  you do makes an impact !  We appreciate you all !  - Elizabeth Steve Mary & all the residents of Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Inc