Animals Matter


Animal Rescue



Amanda Shaw  Volunteer , Sitter, Animal Advocate

As a licensed laser therapy technician, Amanda makes herself available for all the pups of Barky Pines. She collects much needed items for donation to our furry residents

(561) 402-1451

Mary ( Maria ) Montanaro , Secretary,  Assistant  Director

Retiring from Federal service, Mary felt the desire for change, for a  heartfelt  fulfillment her past career lacked. As a lover of all animals , she chose to join her sister and brother in law ( Elizabeth and Steve), and embark on a new adventure for her future. Uprooting from the North, she came to Barky Pines in December of 2014, and jumped head first into the rescue world , so unfamiliar to her. Taking care of the animals, calming the new additions, and   composing their stories, are  just some of the intrical work  Mary performs each day.

Our Foster Team

though some have "failed" and we love that !  Without you , we could not have done so much !

Stephanie Cahill Christine Smith Judy Wilson  Lexi King Judi Smith  Danny Rodriguez  Deanna and Luke Bush Shelley and Don  Constantino  Beth Adams Melissa Evans Dani Monji Stephanti Sommovigo  Trish Allen Ray and Michelle Hernandez  Arlene and Mike Pollack Jessica O'Keefe

Terrianne Tuskes,   Board Member  Director  of Fundraising , Volunteer

Prior to even meeting Terrianne in person, she was assisting  Barky Pines.. A retired nurse and union president for  she makes things happen ! She knows people, and   her love and passion to care for all things , especially those furred and feathered,  knows no bounds. She plays a very important role here at Barky Pines, for the animals, for the people . Along with being an intrical part of our behind the scenes  team, you will also  see Terrianne at  all of our events. Chatting with people, helping with the pups, making sure all goes smoothly. She is a key member of our board , and we are grateful to have her in our corner.


"It Takes A Village" to help a pup - without the wonderful supporters , sharers and donors , what we do would not be possible . We thank you all . The furred and feathered friends  of Barky Pines thank you !

Elizabeth ( Liz) Accomando,  VP,  Director, Treasurer

Born with the compassion and love of dogs, Elizabeth's dream was always to help the animals. After meeting her husband, Steve, together they  reached their goals in the auto industry,  The years passed quickly, and though they rescued and helped many along the way, ,  and she realized the time has come to fulfill her true passion.  Barky Pines was born out of the love and desire to help those who were placed in harms way by others . To save those who  to show them that life can be wonderful , and they deserve to be cared for and loved for all of their days. 

Debbie Lopata  Volunteer, Animal advocate

Debbie is a tremendous asset to us  and the pups of Barky Pines. Always willing to lend a hand at events, whether to be a handler, wash  pups or chat with the people ,

Valerie Houghton,  Director of Advertising , Volunteer

As an avid animal advocate , and internet expert, Valerie is key to our brand management. Along with that , she handles a great portion of our social media , increasing exposure of  the Barky Pines brand. This is vital for our survival and growth.

Stefano ( Steve) Accomando, President

As a young boy,  Steve had a calling to help animals in need. At 9 he worked in a pet store and was paid in "critters" . Including a duck he raised on a fire escape. Though life took him in another direction, his desire to help those in need did not wane. Together with his wife, Elizabeth, they personally rescued many pets over the years.

Finally having the ability to achieve a life long dream, Steve is working hard introducing , training and caring for the animals here at Barky Pines. Steve also manages  the transport for Barky Pines Pet to Vet Logistic Services.