Customized Care for Your Pets in Your Home

Certified in veterinary assisting, pet laser therapy, pet CPR/First Aid

We take care to walk, feed, and play with your pet while you are away from home. this method has been proven to be less stressful and to give peace of mind to you and your pet.

What to Expect:

Visits consist of taking the place of the “pet parent” and the care provided is out of love and respect for your pet. Security check of the property in and outside with a weather assessment is done upon each visit.  We will removal mail/garbage receptacles, water plants, and make light/blind/thermostat adjustments in order to make your home comfortable and look occupied in your absence.

*All visits are a minimum of 30 minutes (weather permitting) and are inclusive of playtime, feeding, exercise, cuddles, kisses, and hugs.

– A recommended walk for dogs minimum 2 times daily for pet sitting, but, we can come as many times as you would like.
– A morning breakfast walk, mid-day “pee break”, dinner with a walk, a late night relief break

All visits are customized to your pet’s needs keeping within their routine.

Cats are required daily visits: this includes feeding, litter cleaning, play and cuddle time.

A progress report: either by text, email, video message, or written note is available with each flat rate vacation and membership package available. The owner and alpha dog, Amanda Shaw, is New York State certified to administer medications/CPR first aid. She has 20 years’ experience in the veterinary industry, as well as volunteering and worked in rescue shelters, with breeders of show dogs, veterinary hospitals, kennels, and even doggie daycare. Amanda has been certified to treat pets in their home for injuries and joint diseases, chronic infections, and muscle repair with the use of Thor Laser B3. Being a pet parent for over 35 years, she dedicates her spare time to client education and rehabilitation. Serving Palm Beach County since 2004

More About Amanda Shaw

– New York State Certified Veterinary Assistant.

– She is Red Cross Certified in Pet CPR /First Aid.
– Amanda has 20 years’ experience in the Veterinary Industry, as well as volunteering and working for
– Animal Rescues/ Shelters in NY and Florida. She is the owner of At Home Pet Care, Inc.
– She is a volunteer for Barky Pines and helps with decorating for events, collecting donations, transporting, vaccinating and treating minor veterinary issues on our rescue dogs and cats. She does nail filing and ear cleaning and offers discounts to Barky Pines foster parents for adopted pets.
– She has recently adopted one of our very own puppies!