Simba Male

Breed : Toy poodle
Age : 15

Simba , a 15 year old toy poodle came to us for hospice care . He  is recently had his gallbladder  removed and began to have kidney issues . His senior  mom was told maybe it was his time, but she couldn’t  send him off . When she contacted us ,  she was Heartbroken . He was her baby and it was a difficult choice for her . But at her age , she couldn’t  physically provide him the care  he needs . we gladly offered to help, to assess his condition and make the decision that was best for Simba .
once he arrived ,  we collected all of his medical records and spoke to his vets.  The decision is based on  of quality of life . Though simba spends most of his day sleeping , when he is awake he is loving and happy . He snuggles with his bunk mates .  He is not suffering . He takes a daily medication for his kidneys . He does his best to potty on the pad . He is mostly blind and hard of hearing.
while simba  is here for sanctuary , to know love and care , if someone is willing to hospice him , we would love for him to have his own parent for whatever time he has left

you must also  be willing to provide his medication and clean up after him .


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