Mugz Male

Breed : Hound
Age : 8?

Having grown up as a farm hound  dog, Mugz found his way to us . Spending the nights with the cows and pigs , but wouldn’t allow us to get him . After a week , we were finally able to get him !

His eyes cloudy , skin and bones , fly bites and old scars –  he clearly needed help. When we took him to the vet ,  we also learned he was heartworm positive – currently being treated.  Even the vet couldn’t say with certainty how old he . His teeth say 2 – his eyes say 8 ..

we later learned his past . He belonged to a new neighbor , who recently got him from a farmer . He lives outside his entire life .. no wonder he hates being in his building ! He wanted to be out with the farm animals here . At night , we would have to drag him inside . Now he has decided a cozy bed , ac and tv aren’t so bad 🙂

He’s since been vaccinated and neutered and once his  heartworm treatment is complete he will be ready for his forever home .  He gets along with everything and everyone – even children .



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