June Female

Breed : Jack Russell
Age : 1

June is a 10 lb jack Russell who had been wandering on her own for some time . She couldn’t be contained for days but  hunger won and she was able to be trapped.
she was completely shut down when she arrived here . She was so fearful and wouldn’t allow touch l, or leave her safe space .  We couldn’t even get a  collar and leash on her.  After her vetting , she went for an intense 10 day  training with a behaviorist.  Considering how shut down she was , she has improved by  leaps and bounds .  Not only can she be leashes , and even pet ( though she’s still Leary ) she leaves her safe space and she greets us happily with a few quick licks ! She definitely needs continued training and another , well mannered pup in the home , to help to continue her progress


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