Chico Male

Breed : Miniature Pinscher
Age : 15

Chico ‘s mom has passed and the family was unable to care for him . Sadly , they had no option but to take him to the county shelter .  . . Due to mobility issues , he needed rescue . He has sternum and shoulder  malformations, and his legs tend to splay  . His front leg “ankle” joints are weak and bend in occasionally.  As long as the floor is not too slippery, he can get himself right back up .  When he arrived , He was clearly grieving for the life and family he once knew . He is on anti inflammatory which is helping tremendously. He is pad  trained ,  and well mannered . He is loving and wants to spend all his time with his people .  He may only have a couple of years remaining, but we want them to be the best they can be for him


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