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6521 Carol St Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Animals Matter

,​​​​​​​At the end of every year, hundreds of animals are left waiting for their loving forever homes or in need of rehabilitation in our community. While you may not be able to adopt or foster this year, you can still give your love by becoming one of our Barky Pines Village Angels.  In doing so, you are helping a life we have saved!

                     As a Village Angel you can show you care in many ways.
To become one of our Barky Pines Village Angels simply choose what type of donation you would like to give:

                  PLEASE BE THEIR VILLAGE ANGEL - Sponsor one of our Barky Pines animals

Simply choose any animal in sanctuary or one available for adoption from our official website or our Facebook page & contact us for all the details on your chosen "BPFF". 

                                                             PACK A SACK

Toy Breed Bundle (5lbs) : Food & water bowls, bed, harness & leash, toy.
Medium Breed Puppy Pack (40lbs) Puppy food , teething toys, pee pads, peroxide wipes, tug toys ( not rope) ,small bowl , leash collar
Large Breed Needs (40+)  Food & Water bowls, xtra large Spot brand Play Strong or Kong brand toy, large pet bed, large collar & braided or leather leash

                                           Cat Care & other items needed for the animals:

Canned & dry cat foods, kitty litter, cat beds, & cat toys. Mazuri tortoise chow, Water fowl blend, Mazuri water fowl pellets, Vetricin spray,nustock ointment, heartguard all sizes, L,XL,XXL cages (not plastic carriers)-    (tortoise & fowl items are available at Wild Cargo &/or Red Barn ).

Your Gift of Building &/or  Landscape Materials / Supplies to help us continue to create a safe , beautiful & peaceful sanctuary environment for the animals would be a tremendous help as well.

Thank You Village Angels! It Takes a village! 


Simply gift your donation directly to Barky Pines :


MAIL, SHIP OR Visit us at the Barky Pines farm:  

6521 Carol Street, Loxahatchee, Florida 33470